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Mahjong is a ancient table game that was created in China. As with any quality product it was imported by many cultures around the world. MahJong was taken to America by Joseph P. Babcock who began importing sets in bulk to the USA in 1922. In order to make it a commercial success, Babcock heavily simplified the rules and removed many of the interesting intricacies.(3) Parker Brothers was a major factor that helped Mahjong spread in the United States in the 1920s, which had evidence that contained newspaper clippings and photographs of the Mah-Jongg Sales Company factory in Shanghai. National Mahjong League Inc., who claim to produce the “official” American rules, was formed in 1935. The rest of the world began establishing clubs and organizations around that time as well.

In the traditional rules of the game, the four wind tiles are laid face down and each of the four players draws one to determine where they sit at a square table: north, west, south and east. Each player is then given 14 tiles. To get a Mahjong, a player must arrange their tiles into four sets and a pair. A set can either be a “pung,” a set of three identical tiles, or a “chow,” three tiles in sequence of the same suit. (The rules are similar to Rummy in that you can have either a run of three cards or three of a kind. The trick is to remember the characters! ) Once the tiles have been dealt, the remaining tiles are formed into a wall of 17 tiles long and 2 high in front of each player. These rituals of play are said to guard off cheaters as Mahjong is a gambling game.

Mahjong Time is one of the most interesting puzzle games that you might ever try. As mentioned above, the rules for playing online mahjong are different from the real mahjong game. The reason for this modification is that not everyone can understand and play mahjong with its real rules like the four Russian players did. So, instead of applying real rules, game developers only combine mahjong tiles with simple rules to help this game reach more players. Source: Jogos123.

It was not until the Cultural Revolution that the game was brought back into play minus the gambling element and people started to play it openly again. Finally, in 1985, it became legal again to play, and people in China and other Chinese communities began to play it in earnest again. At the same time, in the year 1920, another man was helping to increase the popularity of Mah Jong. Joseph Park Babcock published a book that laid out the rules of the game. This book, also commonly referred to as the “Red Book”, was called Rules of Mahjong. Babcock, who had learned how to play Mah Jong in China, took the rules of Mah Jong and made them a bit simpler and more streamlined to make things easier for Americans who would play the game.

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