Best CoC gems tips

Clash of Clans is an incredible strategy game for mobile devices that is extremely popular even years after launch. You can also play Clash of Clans on PC if you use a Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks. Attacking other players — whether in war or for loot — is another essential component of the game, and upgrading troops to the maximum level is important because it means they can do, and survive, more damage. Archers and barbarians are the easiest to upgrade and are described as “Tier 1” troops. Giants and wall breakers are “Tier 2” and so on. As you progress to higher Town Hall levels, upgrading troops becomes incredibly expensive. For example, a level three PEKKA, a giant, armoured unit, is eight million elixir — and that’s just at Town Hall 8.

My personal attack strategy: Two golems, four healers, eight witches, two wizards, four earthquake spells, one freeze, one rage, one jump, barb king, and an archer queen. This strategy is from the practice arena, but it works very well. Witches are ridiculously good, and when they are placed behind tanks, they are even better. If you have any other questions about troop placement, open the practice tab in the app, because they show you advanced techniques. If you are clashing with a town hall 10 or above, chances are you are a pro. Town hall 10 is an achievement, so congratulations to those of you who have made it that far. If any readers have any base or attacking tips then let us know and we will update our guide. See extra details on CoC hack.

There’s no denying the fun of the multiplayer battles and the war system in Clash of Clans. You could be forgiven for overlooking the single-player mode. It contains 50 stages with three stars, awarded in the same way as multiplayer battles. You earn one star for dealing 50% damage, one for destroying the town hall, and another for destroying the entire base. Not only are there achievements to unlock for getting stars, but it also generates resources. Winning these battles gets gold and elixir, just like raiding another player’s base. The later levels can also help you perfect your Clash of Clans strategies when battling against harder bases.

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