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PUBG live streams app? PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has grown a lot since its early beta stages and so has the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Community. The game not only offers a rich new experience but it also acts as a livelihood to many people and today I am going to talk about those people, who are best known as “Streamers”.

Pro games players news : Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton is a 17-year-old American Fortnite professional player, who will finish 2019 as the 10th best-paid esports player of the year. EpikWhale has started his career as a professional esports player in April 2019 when he joined Kungarna. While playing under Kungarna’s banner he attended Fortnite World Cup North American qualifiers, where he claimed the first spot in week 3 and pocketed $4,000. Four months later, in August, EpikWhale opted to leave the organization and joined up with NRG Esports. The young teen has ended the year with a staggering $1,297,366.67 in prize winnings, which he earned throughout the year with his incredible performances in 16 Fortnite tournaments. While he has seen a lot of success in most of the events he attended, his biggest paycheck came from Fortnite World Cup – Solo, where he claimed a bronze medal and earned $1.2 million.

The increasing Indian PUBG Mobile user base has much to do with the high popularity of Indian streaming channels. Dynamo is a Mumbai based mobile gamer in his early twenties, who used to play on an emulator before, but doesn’t anymore. The gamer is good with snipers and general mid to long-range shooting with other guns. He is an all-round impressive player who is responsive and likes to communicate with his fans. Overall, Dynamo gaming has emerged as the most popular PUBGM streaming channel on youtube.

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Since entering Steam Early Access in April, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become one of the most ridiculously popular games of the year — One that’s often as much fun to watch as it is to play… if you’re watching the right people, that is. A huge number of players stream the game on services like Twitch and YouTube, but not all PUBG streamers are created equal. The game has such a high skill ceiling and so much drama inherent in its free-for-all, “battle royale” premise that some people can really make their gameplay exciting and fun to watch, while others can get mired in frustration, hassling their teammates and complaining about their fates.